Annotation Type NamedFormats

  • @Retention(RUNTIME)
    public @interface NamedFormats
    Allow to define a set of identifiable formats (NamedFormat).
    One usage of such set is to define formats for (part or all) fields of a bean. In this case, every in this set should match a field of this bean.
    This set may then be used to define formats for fields of a Table annotated parameter of a step method.


    Some POJO

     	class CoffeeWithPrice {
     		String name;
     		double price_in_EUR;
     		Date lastPriceDate;
     		CoffeeWithPrice(String name, double priceInEur, Date lastPriceDate) { = name;
     			this.price_in_EUR = priceInEur;
     			this.lastPriceDate = lastPriceDate;

    The Step Method