Annotation Type NestedSteps

  • @Documented
    public @interface NestedSteps
    Marks a step method to have nested steps.

    Nested steps are useful if you want to group certain steps together under a new description. This allows you to give a larger scenario more structure and make it better readable


    Let's say you want to express that the registration form is filled with valid values, then you can do this as follows:
     public NestedStage I_fill_out_the_registration_form_with_valid_values() {
        return I_enter_a_name( "Franky" )
           .and().I_enter_a_password( "password1234" )
           .and().I_enter_a_repeated_password( "password1234" );
    The resulting console report will look as follows:
        Given I fill out the registration form with valid values
                I enter a name Franky
                And I enter a email address
                And I enter a password password1234
                And I enter a repeated password password1234
    In the HTML report nested steps can be expanded and collapsed