Class AbstractReportGenerator

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    AsciiDocReportGenerator, PlainTextReportGenerator

    public abstract class AbstractReportGenerator
    extends java.lang.Object
    This abstract class is the basic layout that includes the minimal functionality for reading/writing a report The following flags are predefined in AbstractReportConfig.createConfigOptions():
    • --format=
    • --sourceDir= /--dir=
    • --targetDir= /--todir=
    • --title=
    • --exclude-empty-scenarios=<boolean>
    • --help / -h
    Everything has a default value. The functionality is piped together for an easier and extendable interface to create a custom report For examples see AsciiDocReportGenerator
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractReportGenerator

        public AbstractReportGenerator()
    • Method Detail

      • generateFromCommandLine

        protected void generateFromCommandLine​(java.lang.String... args)
      • loadReportModel

        public void loadReportModel()
      • createReportConfig

        public abstract AbstractReportConfig createReportConfig​(java.lang.String... args)
        args - these are the command line arguments
        an AbstractReportConfig where any option may be accessible via setter and getter
      • generate

        public abstract void generate()
                               throws java.lang.Exception
        This implements the main functionality of the report generator, utilizing the information from the specialized AbstractReportConfig